How To Make Your Living Room A Bit “Zen-y”

The word simplicity is usually synonymous with Japanese culture, their way of life is reflected in how they decorated their house, simple yet elegant. With a little space but can fit all the necessity that they need in their room.

the usual traditional Japanese living room has a well-lit room, simple furniture and maximizing their space. (source: welcometonursinghello)

Japanese home decoration style is a little bit different from the rest of Asian styles. The way they organize all the furniture and the free space. They also used a living plant inside their house. The plant brings a hint of natural and serene feeling in every room that has it. So it is not a strange thing to find a plant in their living room.

Living room in Japanese style home decoration usually has minimalistic, serene, natural and cozy elements. How all of those things balancing each other apart, each of this element complimenting each other to make a harmony. These are the several items which can make your living room having a Japanese style.

Tatami is the most common item to have in a Japanese living room, other than functioned as a mat, they can be used as a storage place too. (source: pinterest)

To bring nature closer to home you can use a living plant as a decoration. bonsai is a not only a living plant but also a traditional Japanese art(source: bonsaiprodaja)

table and futon is the ultra-minimalistic furniture. They can have multiple purposes. Japanese families usually use them for dining, for the kids to study as well as table tea.(source: Pinterest)

ceiling lamp in a Japanese living room usually has a square shape, it reflects on the minimalistic sense in Japanese style (source: alicdn)these are several items of furniture that you need to make your living room “zen-y”

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