30 Stunning Metallic Accent Wall Design Ideas

Wall Accent Ideas (17)

Details of Metallic Accent Wall

Opt for the ideal Wall In a place with an open floor program, deciding on the suitable wall to serve as your accent is vital. Faux finishes are perfect for giving your accent wall a textured appearance. Whether you’re finishing the entire room or an ideal accent wall, Metallic Paints can help you to create a distinctive appearance, setting them aside from the rest!

Metallic Accent Wall Features

If you’re concerned about the way in which the sum of shine it gives off, you may use metallic wallpaper on just a single wall. If you don’t wish to earn any alterations to the walls you always have the option to add the colors into the space via your bedding. As an extra bonus, a black and white quilt cover will coordinate perfect with each style, while it’s contemporary or a mixture of styles.

Being that Textures-3DA wall panels are made from MDF, it isn’t difficult to hang pictures on them or use the whole wall for a work of art. If you’re utilizing a single paint color on all the walls, be sure that the paint looks the exact same on each. You’re able to use either real metallic tiles or faux metallic tiles made from polystyrene foam.

Black and white is among the latest colour combinations. Each accent you select should go with the others in addition to the overall primary paint color. An orange accent put in front of a blue background will truly produce the color pop.


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